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These are small memories, that we have of our school, that make us proud.

Let me share with you the wonderful incident which happened to me. I joined for my Intermediate at Mrs. AVN College after my 10th at Aloysius. In the first week or so, the English lecturer, Mr Sharma had asked the class to write on some topic. We all submitted our papers and he was reading them out. Then he read my paper and asked who John Jacob was. I stood up and he immediately asked me whether I was from St. Aloysius. I was zapped and I answered yes. He told the whole class the difference of the Aloysian from the rest. He was praising sky high about St Aloysius and its students. This happened with other lecturers too whose names I cannot remember. That was a morale booster for me and I realised what St Aloysius has done to me. Thank God for the wonderful school.

-- John Jacob-1984 Batch

Hi Vara Prasad It was really interesting to view the St. Aloysius web page. I am very happy to read that our school is one of the best in Andhra and that it has expanded. Does it still have boarders? There use to be approx. 20/25 per class , and there were classes 1 to 9 and the junior and senior kindergarten. Classrs 5 to 9 were on the 2nd floor and faced the beach, The artillery and anti aircraft guns were alongside just below the Lighthouse and we were often disturbed by gunnery practice as planes or torpedo boats were pulling targets across the sea front. We were there when Vizag. was bombed by the Japs, and also witnessed the launching of India's first ship at Scindia's shipbuilding yard, the "Jala Usha" As you have been informed I finished my High School in 1947 as a days scholar. I used to live just alongside the Catholic Church. I completed my Int. Sc. at Loyola College Madras.'49 and was the first batch at India's new Marine Engineering College '53 I was a Marine Engineer to '60, at Jessops '61 in Cal. an Engineer at Victoria Jute Mills Cal.'64, then designed and was sales manager for Jute Machinery in Cal. Immigrated to Toronto (Canada) in 1966 and retired in 1997 as Plant Manager with ESAB and Union Carbide (Cryogenic Plant) We have Winston Sylvestre (83 Yrs) he was at St, Aloysius in 1939. Derek Palmer (1946) Michael Thomas(1947) all Toronto Joe Thomas (1946--U.K.) Bernard Foxen (1946) Peter Barbosa (1947)Derek Burke (1950) all in Australia, so we do keep in touch with our School mates We have great memories of soccer and Field hockey on the maidan. Picnics in Std 4 Fr. Lawrances class at the Low Valley,the Raja of Vizinagram palace grounds, Dolphins Nose, the Hill Chapel. We always reminescence and share school yarns when we meet. I have some old school pictures of our school band and class pictures, I will try to get them on a disc and send them to you. That's all for now. I will keep in contact with you Regards Cliff Smith"

-- Cliff Smith 1947 Batch

Gone are the days When the school reopened in June, And we settled in our new desks and benches. Gone are the days When we queued up in book depot, And got our new books and notes. Gone are the days When we wanted two Sundays and no Mondays, yet Managed to line up daily for the morning prayers. Gone are the days When we chased one another in the corridors in Intervals, And returned to the classrooms drenched in sweat. Gone are the days When we had lunch in classrooms, corridors, Playgrounds, under the trees and even in cycle sheds. Gone are the days When a single P.T. period in the week's Time Table, Was awaited more eagerly than the monsoons. Gone are the days Of fights but no conspiracies, Of Competitions but seldom jealousy. Gone are the days When we used to watch Live Cricket telecast, In the opposite house in Intervals and Lunch breaks. Gone are the days When few rushed at 5:30 to "Conquer" window seats in our School bus. Gone are the days Of Sports Day, and the annual School Day, And the months of long preparations for them. Gone are the days Of the stressful Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annual Exams, And the most enjoyed holidays after them. Gone are the days We learnt, we enjoyed, we played, we won, we lost, We laughed, we cried, we fought, we thought. Gone are the days With so much fun in them, so many friends, So much experience, all this and more. Gone are the days But not the memories, which will be Lingering in our hearts for ever and ever and Ever and ever and Ever. I hope you went back to your Golden Olden days.......... For a I DID!! Didn?t u????

-- Kumar Raja

Do you have any such interesting experiences, to share? Please post it to the egroup or mail it to Ravi.