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Web updates
1.Vara Prasad has made the first start of allocating the site and contacting Aloysians to contribute.And passed on the password to aloysians.who ever wants to contribute and add their bit of Aloysius

2.Freddy cooper was first to respond and gave his most vauable encouragement and much needed encouragement and boost.

3.Ravi J has added his beautiful old photos of Aloysius,please check Aloysian Photo page and recollect your memories

4.Ravi has redesigned and add forum coloumn,please aloysians leave a message if needs to be read and reached to aloysians.Please check FORUM and add your contributions.

5.Paul Jose P and Vikram have responded,would add their bit very soon.

6.Encouraging message from Ch.Suryanarayana...1971 batch

7.Shaji Jacob's details added with email.

8.An encouraging message from NatRaj 1987 batch.

9.A message of encouragement from PREETHAM PERUMALLAPALLI,1982 BATCH

10. Independence Day celebrations and Sports Day photos of 1996 has been added by Vikram in the photos slide show.

11. Ravi J has modified and updated all the links. Please mail any corrections to shankarrao@lycos.com